Westminster Chiropractor – Dr. Cris Barkmeier, DC

At Innovative Health and Wellness, we are dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care with complete individual attention. Our office is located in Garden Grove, CA but we serve all of Orange County including our neighboring city, Westminster. While we commonly treat work and sports related injuries, we also specialize in helping to heal acute/chronic conditions and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Cris Barkmeier is a licensed chiropractor and an Active Release Technique (ART) provider which gives him the tools to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries very effectively. His number one goal is to get his patients healthy as quickly as possible.

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About Westminster

Westminster is located in Orange County, CA and is landlocked by the nearby cities of Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and Fountain Valley. At a population of over 90,000, the city has the highest concentration of Vietnamese-Americans in the United States. Within Westminster is Little Saigon, an area occupied by Vietnamese shopping centers and restaurants. Westminster was originally called Tri-City because it consisted of three cities: Westminster, Barber City, and Midway City. The former two eventually combined to what is now Westminster, while Midway City remained separate. Westminster continues to grow both residentially and commercially every year. Innovative Health and Wellness is situated only a few miles from Westminster and offers safe and effective chiropractic treatment in Orange County.


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