Let me start by saying I am a perpetual skeptic and tend to avoid going to a doctor at all costs. I lived with this chronic pain in my wrist and forearm for nearly a year when I spoke to Dr. Barkmeier about it and its possible causes/solutions. He suggested that I try out this Active Release Technique (ART) as a potential treatment.

Naturally, I said “yes” but thought “no thanks.” The pain got worse and started radiating up my arm so I finally relented and let him work on it. After about ten minutes, he finished up and said it might be a little sore the next day. It was indeed but the other pain was completely gone! Skepticism squashed. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Barkmeier to anyone for treatment, he is a consummate professional and is well-versed in the latest treatment techniques.

David Porter

I want to express my gratitude to Dr. Barkmeier for the excellent Chiropractic treatments that he provides. Before I started coming to Dr. Barkmeier, I had constant pain in my upper back. I have been going to chiropractors on and off for about 20 years for problems with my back, recently in the last few years or so, it has been getting worse from moderate to severe pain in my upper back, I have had X-Rays, MRI’s and Bone Scan test done but they proved inconclusive and even though I had learned to deal with the pain, it was very uncomfortable especially since I am on my keyboard in front of my computer all day at work. I’ve tried everything, therapy, a dozen chiropractors, stretching, researching everything for alleviating back pain, I also get massages often and nothing has worked.

Since I’ve been getting ART (Active Release Technique) treatments and adjustments from Dr. Barkmeier, I have noticed a huge difference in how much and how often my back hurts. A combination of ART and careful chiropractic adjustments has relieved many years of pain, I have been amaze at how effective the ART treatment is. The treatments and adjustments have made a positive difference in my life. I experienced instant relief after my first treatment, I had forgotten what it felt like to be completely pain free. With each treatment, it only gets better and better.

It’s been five treatments and adjustments now and I feel great, I am starting to do my regular weights at the gym again. I can honestly say that Dr. Barkmeier is the best chiropractor to whom I have ever gone, he is very knowledgeable in “Active Release Technique”. I have found him to be an extremely competent and very sincere and caring Chiropractor, I would highly recommend him to anyone who might be in need of his services.

Tiffany Daugherty

I went to Dr. Cris Barkmeier after experiencing pain in my hands and arms from repetitive typing. This is not surprising since I am on the computer a lot – probably between 8 to 10 hours a day. I had been in pain for about 2 weeks and it was not getting any better so I decided to go to my primary doctor. She told me to ease off the computer (which really is not possible because of my job) and to take ibuprofen. This didn’t address the core problem; it just covered up the symptoms.

My sister suggested I go see a chiropractor and I just happened to call Dr. Cris randomly. He sounded knowledgeable and confident in treating the pain so I booked an appointment with him. Let me just say, I am not a fan of doctors but Dr. Cris was super friendly which made me like him instantly. He gives all his attention to the patient and seems to really care that the patient gets better, which unfortunately, is not the case with many doctors. After a few sessions, I noticed the pain was decreasing. He recommended some stretching exercises to do throughout the day that were very helpful.

I avoided surgery and countless hours in physical therapy (which workers' comp had suggested) thanks to Dr. Cris! He is definitely one of the best chiropractors around.

Jeevani Wijesekera