Diagnostic Treatment & Overview

Garden Grove chiropractor, Dr. Cris Barkmeier, DC, is the owner of Innovative Health and Wellness located in Orange County, CA. As a skillful chiropractor and an active athlete himself, Dr. Barkmeier is dedicated to improving the life of his patients through a combination of chiropractic and active release techniques, rehabilitative exercises, nutritional and dietary guidance, and lifestyle counseling. Many people are unaware of the benefits that a well-trained chiropractor can provide. In many cases, chiropractic services help patients avoid surgery, prescription drugs, and other costly treatments that may be unnecessary.

Chiropractors practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to diagnosing and treating disorders related primarily to the neuromusculoskeletal system. Chiropractic can help treat a wide range of conditions including back pain, neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, TMJ, arthritis, and much more. Since chiropractic is based on the principle that spinal misalignments interfere with the nervous system and impact the general health of the individual, many chiropractic treatments are focused on the manipulation of the spine. These spinal manipulations, often referred to as chiropractic adjustments, aim to reduce vertebral subluxation. This leads to an increased range of motion, reduced nerve irritability, and overall improvement in function.

In general, chiropractors perform adjustments by applying a high velocity, short lever arm thrust to a vertebra. This is often accompanied by a “popping” noise, which is actually an audible release of gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen) from the joints. Most patients experience an immediate sensation of relief after the adjustment.

While chiropractors primarily use a hands-on approach for diagnosing and treating a condition, they also follow a standard routine like other health providers. A patient’s health history, physical examination, lab tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic images are all taken into account. They also use a specialized technique to analyze the patient’s posture and spine for proper function.

In addition to general chiropractic, some chiropractors specialize in specific areas such as sports injuries, pediatrics, internal disorders, or neurology. Many chiropractors have a private practice, which allow them to set their own hours and accommodate the schedules of patients. While a Garden Grove chiropractor may be easy to come by, it is important to consider their skills, qualifications, experience and style of chiropractic care. A good chiropractor will always do their best to get you feeling better quickly without any unnecessary treatments or procedures.